Brick Installation Galore

From the driveway and front walkway all the way to the back patio – we are so very excited to show off some of our latest work.

Our crews have been busy, busy, busy revamping the curb appeal for this house in Woodstock, IL. Located in the heart of McHenry County and just minutes away from us, the brickwork here is turning out beautifully.

Our brick work crew has taken every step necessary to ensure a professional result and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s coming along.

Take a look at the job so far:

Job details:

-Asphalt driveway removal along with removal of sod from either side of the driveway to create a wider finished result. Installation of new, wider, brick paver driveway.
-Concrete walkway removal, leading from driveway to front stoop; widening of area to prep for installation of new walkway. Installation of a new, wider, brick paver walkway leading from the driveway to the front stoop.
-Covering of the existing front stoop and step with brick pavers.
-Removal of two block garden walls and all shrubs within those garden areas. Installation of new stone garden walls.
-Burying of downspouts.
-(pictures coming soon) Removal of existing stamped concrete patio, prep of that area in addition to the surrounding area to result in a larger, more spacious patio. Installation of a new brick paver patio with decorative seat walls and pillars.