It’s no secret that McHenry County has been hit pretty hard with several inches of snow these past few weeks, just take a look outside, the proof is there.

The next 48 hours, however, promise to be dangerously cold.  As your local snow plowing service provider we have been working extra hours and gearing up to handle what has hit and what is on its way.  We advise you to take the necessary precautions to stay safe and warm, bundle up if you must go outside, also make sure your pets are inside and staying warm.

Prevent your water lines from freezing, “People can allow a trickle of water to run continuously at faucets to keep water moving through pipes. Residents also can eliminate drafts and other sources of cold air near water pipes; repair or close any openings, particularly in garages and attics; maintain a temperature of at least 55 degrees in a building; and drain water lines leading to outside faucets, including disconnecting any garden hoses.” (from The Northwest Herald‘s article “Frigid temperatures to come to McHenry County“)

Follow these safety tips if you must travel. These winter weather travel tips were provided by the Illinois Tollway:

  • Be sure your cell phone is fully charged before heading out.
  • Be sure tires are properly inflated during cold weather. Tires lose a pound of pressure for every 10 degrees the temperature drops.
  • Check your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended tire pressure.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full to avoid gas line freeze.
  • Ensure that you have extra driving time if the weather is unfavorable.
  • Also, consider using winter or synthetic motor oil for colder temperatures, as conventional oils may thicken in colder temperatures.
  • Check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for oil that meets colder temperature ranges.
  • Keep a cold weather safety kit in your car that includes gloves, boots, blankets, road flares,water and a flashlight with fresh batteries. Other items to include: jumper cables, first aid kit,basic tool kit, hot packs, bottled water and non-perishable snacks such as granola or candy bars.
  • Stranded motorists should turn on their emergency lights and remain in their vehicles until help arrives.
  • Cell phone users should call *999 motorist assistance for roadway assistance or to report other motorists pulled over on the side of the road. Before calling, motorists should try to note the roadway and direction of travel and nearest milepost or crossroad so the stranded motorist can be quickly located.

Read about personal safety tips and home cold weather safety tips provided by the McHenry County Sheriff’s office.

Please stay warm and safe!!