Yes, we can feel it in the air- we are feeling the 40s and a dusting of snow is in the forecast for today; Crystal Lake residents, are you ready?!?!

Now is the time to prep for snow and get your service set, don’t delay, call Two Amigos Landscaping, Inc to receive your free estimate!! Two Amigos conveniently serves most of Crystal Lake for snowplowing.

How do you charge for snow plowing?

Snowplowing for the season: service is automatically completed upon an accumulation of 2″ of snow and charged depending on one of two options:

Option #1

Season Contract Per Time- service is automatically completed upon an accumulation of 2″ of snow. You will be billed per plow, rate will depend on amount of snowfall. On heavy snowfall occasions, we may be out multiple times- as needed, rate is per time we are out- not per day.

Option #2

Season Contract Flat Rate- service is automatically completed upon an accumulation of 2″ of snow. You will be billed a flat monthly rate, you pay the same amount monthly regardless of snowfall amount or quantity. This option is perfect for those who want an exact number to budget for snow plowing – no surprises since you pay the same regardless of what Mother Nature brings.

What if I don’t need to secure snowplowing service for the entire season?

We also offer snowplowing per time, this requires you to call us to request service, this is perfect for those of you who usually plow on your own but would like the option to have us out on occasion. Please note, it is preferred that you call with as much notice as possible; you can call on the day of a storm, however, turn around time depends on our schedule at that time; as you know, winter weather can get hectic and moving from one location to another takes a bit longer and may delay our arrival.

Per Time/ On Call- Two Amigos will plow only when you request a cleaning, rate will depend on amount of snowfall. Please note that opting for this option may delay service as our schedules are preset for our seasonal customers. We do our best to accommodate on call customers but we ask that you permit extra time for us to complete service, especially during heavy storms.

It is best if you call before the heavy snowfall hits instead of the day of as this may further delay service.

It’s the day of the storm, too much for me to handle, my snowblower broke, I hurt my back and now I can’t do it! I have never used your service, can you come give me an estimate and plow today?

We happily accept new customers at anytime, with the exception of major storm days. We do not have crews available to provide estimates on the day of a storm and we will most likely be unable to plow your property if you are a first time caller.

Please be prepared with an estimate now, just in case you need service, you will know how much the rate is and you have the convenience of calling in service in case you are unable to do it yourself.

Have further questions about the snowplowing service we off the Crystal Lake, IL area? Please contact us.

Live in Crystal Lake? Need an estimate for snow plowing? Contact us and we will get your free estimate scheduled!

Are you a business owner? Need commercial snow plowing services? We do that too!