What is aeration?
Aeration is the process of pulling plugs from your lawn in order for it to be able to better absorb water and nutrients.

When should I aerate?
It is ideal to aerate your lawn once a year as part of your maintenance plan; some yards may benefit from or require aeration twice a year, it can be done at any time during the year (spring to fall in IL) typically in Spring and in Fall.

Why should I aerate?
Your lawn may be in dire need of aeration if it puddles often, aeration will help with the water drainage.

Sometimes it is recommended to perform aeration prior to seeding a lawn, but for the best direction, consult your local landscaper.

Benefits of aeration:

  • improves water intake
  • improves moisture retention
  • allows for better absorption of nutrients
  • reduces thatch
  • reduces soil compaction
  • enables fertilizer to reach down to the roots

What do I need to get the job done?
In order to successfully aerate your lawn you need the help of machine; there are several types available:
-walk behind
-ride on
-machines you can pull with a tractor
– you can purchase one, rent one- or better yet, hire your local landscaper to get the job done for you!

Have the machine, ready to begin? What is the process?
You can opt to aerate your lawn in one direction, or you may opt for cross aeration (aerating your lawn in one direction and upon completing you aerate it once again in in another direction as though to “cross” over the first direction). Once you have completed the aeration process, you will notice small plugs of grass and dirt laying on top of your lawn- this is supposed to happen! You can walk on your lawn and kids can play as normal- it is not harmful to you, your family or pets, but of course it may be quite messy! Over the span of days or a week or so, the plugs will break apart and become a part of your lawn again.

The result:
As with most things, the aeration process takes time and you shouldn’t expect a beautiful green lawn immediately after the first aeration. You may have to aerate morse than once to see a difference and you will most likely need more than aeration to complete the maintenance for a beautiful lawn. Talk to you landscaper to get a full diagnosis of your lawn and his/her recommendations- possibly get on a watering schedule, fertilization applications may be need as well as weed control applications to name a few things.