What is a fall cleanup when it comes to your landscape?

Although our fall cleanup routine can be customized to best fit our clients’ needs, our typical cleanup consists of picking up all debris including leaves and branches found on the lawn and garden beds.

We definitely recommend a complete fall cleanup be done at least once prior to winter, although many yards benefit from two or three cleanups as the leaves begin to fall, and of course, every tree sheds its leaves at what seems a different schedule. You leave a clean, beautiful, leaf-free yard one day, and the next, another tree has lost all its leaves and you’re at it again. If you can hire a professional such as Two Amigos Landscaping, Inc., definitely do so; if not, please ensure to cleanup all the leaves and debris from your lawn, and your gutters as well so that you are prepped for the winter months… snow!

Leaving a layer of leaves and having snow come down on it can be harmful to your lawn and its health, the weight of the leaves and snow will cause your lawn to lose nutrients and moisture; you will be left with an unhappy sight come Spring.

Take the steps to help your lawn be green and healthy the following Spring, get a fall cleanup, if possible, aerate your lawn as well. Pulling the plugs from the ground will allow your lawn to breathe, receive nutrients and better retain moisture – all great things for a beautiful lawn in Spring.

Happy FALL!