Love Your Outdoor Living Space?… Enjoy It PRIVATELY!

Enjoy your backyard without being monitored by your neighbors; you may get along, but we all need some privacy. Have a nice family bbq, spend time with the kids, kickback and have a chat with friends, or enjoy a late night fire and roast some marshmallows. It all sounds so nice- in theory that is, but the reality of it is that your neighbors probably have a lovely view of every occurrence that takes place in your yard.

Check out some of these suggestions, they will add a bit of privacy to your outdoor living space while making it feel a bit more welcoming!

Add Perimeter Plantings
Add plants (trees/bushes) along your property line, a great choice includes Evergreens such as the lovely Arborvitae. Adding these Evergreens will provide you with year-round privacy and most cities tend to be lenient on height restrictions.

If you prefer to stay away from the “line of trees” surrounding your property, you may opt to plant a variety of plants. You can again, do this near your property line to create a screening; we recommend staggering Evergreens in the background and adding a mix of shrubs and perennials in the foreground.

Enjoy Some Privacy On Your Deck Or Patio By Adding Some Garden Boxes
Place plants such as arborvitae to create a green screen around a raised deck seating area.

Most homeowners prefer a nice fence, whether you opt for a wooden or metal fence, they add a bit of privacy as well as acts as the perfect marker for your property line. We definitely recommend putting up this barrier when you install a pool, children’s play area, patio, etc. Typical fences are about 6′ in height, but please make sure to check your local building codes prior to deciding on the project and beginning it. Fences are perfect as they are practically maintenance-free and are ideal for year-round privacy. There are a variety of styles, colors, sizes and finishes for fences, so you can ensure to find one to your liking and even match your outdoor decor; fences are also ideal for homes that have smaller yards as they take up less space than trees and plants – so this might be the perfect or only option for some yards.