Mulching Tips

Is mulch really that important?

YES! Mulch is a very important part of a complete, healthy landscape. Using mulch in and around your landscaping can bring many benefits; it really is one of the best things you can do for your plants. Whether your plants are newly planted or have been around for a couple of years, they can all benefit from a nice fresh layer of mulch. We always recommend our premium triple processed mulch, it has a nice rich dark brown color and is medium-finely shredded which adds an extra touch of beauty to the outside of your home or business.

So what are the benefits of mulching?

There are several reasons you should consider mulching your flower beds and around your trees.

  • Although its not the most important reason, many customers just loves the way it looks!
  • Mulch will help the soil retain moisture, which will in return help the plant roots from becoming dry.
  • A nice layer of mulch will protect your plants from frost; mulching is an insulation of sorts that benefits all year round. In the winter it keeps the roots a bit warmer and in summer a bit cooler.
  • Mulch will help detain weed germination and helps prevent weeds from growing. To further help, consider laying landscaping fabric prior to installing the mulch.

How much mulch is enough?

Too little mulch won’t do your landscape much good, but too much can actually hurt it! We recommend a layer of mulch that is at least 2″ deep, but not more than 4″ deep.

If you have had mulch put down in the past and are looking to get a fresh layer of mulch this year, inspect what is currently down, if its too old, its best to remove it and replace if with a completely new layer of mulch. However, if the current mulch is still in good condition, try top dressing with new mulch. Basically doing this will make your beds look fresh and maintained but you can save some money by only having to add a little bit of mulch – just make sure that you won’t have a layer of mulch that is more than 4″ deep.

Having a buildup of mulch that is over 4″ can be detrimental to your plants, it may help suppress weeds, but it may result in a bigger problem.

Bed cleanup, edging, and mulching

Mulching done right!

At Two Amigos Landscaping, Inc. we do our best to provide every customer with a professional result, follow these tips if you decide to mulch on your own; your landscape and plants will thank you! (need mulch delivered in the Crystal Lake area? call us today!)

  • For the sake of appearance, make sure to re-edge your beds prior to laying down new mulch or cultivating your current mulch.
  • Getting ready to mulch a new bed? Prior to laying your mulch down, make sure to inspect the area to ensure that drainage is adequate. Decide whether or not you would like to lay landscape fabric down as well.
  • If you are re-mulching a bed, inspect the current mulch making sure to note the depth of the current mulch, remember that you want the total layer of mulch to fall between 2″ and 4″. Take the necessary steps to ensure you won’t end up with too little or too much mulch. Prior to adding the new mulch, “cultivate” the existing mulch; in other words, move it around to break it up a bit and ensure it is not compacted.
  • Take care to not “suffocate” your plants of trees, leave a bit of space around plant stems and tree trunks.

I do not enjoy spending time digging in the dirt and laying mulch, what should I do?

You made it quite easy for us to answer that one! Contact your friends over at Two Amigos Landscaping, Inc. in Crystal Lake, IL and have us provide you with a free estimate! We can take care of edging and mulching for you!