How To Hire The Right Landscaping Company

It is quite easy to find a landscaper, chances are, you may drive past one, two, three or even more on a daily basis. With so many landscapers around, how do you find the right landscaping company for you? We have taken some time to narrow down the top things you... read more

Need Mulch? Mulching Tips & More!

Mulching Tips Is mulch really that important? YES! Mulch is a very important part of a complete, healthy landscape. Using mulch in and around your landscaping can bring many benefits; it really is one of the best things you can do for your plants. Whether your plants... read more

Spring Has Sprung?

Its that time of year again, and although the weather in McHenry County is trying to fool us, it is in fact Spring! Its time to start thinking about your landscape again and its the ideal time to have Two Amigos Landscaping out for a free estimate. During this time of... read more

Landscaping is worth it!

Many times home owners and business owners question putting effort and money into their landscaping. However, landscaping has many benefits. The proper landscaping will automatically add curb appeal to your property (home or business), your lawn, gardens and outdoor... read more