Brick Driveway Installation | McHenry County Brick Work

Brick Installation Galore From the driveway and front walkway all the way to the back patio – we are so very excited to show off some of our latest work. Our crews have been busy, busy, busy revamping the curb appeal for this house in Woodstock, IL. Located in... read more

McHenry County Blizzard 2-1-15

Hello McHenry County, Hopefully your driveways are nice and clear of the tremendous amount of snow we saw over the past several hours/days – or possibly in the midst of completing the task! Our crews have been working non-stop to plow our customer’s... read more

Snow & Below Zero Temps in McHenry County

It’s no secret that McHenry County has been hit pretty hard with several inches of snow these past few weeks, just take a look outside, the proof is there. The next 48 hours, however, promise to be dangerously cold.  As your local snow plowing service provider... read more

Debris & Storm Damage Cleanup

The state of IL was hit with major storms yesterday, sadly, some counties are now disaster areas due to the tornados. McHenry county experienced rain and very strong winds leaving us with debris in our yards and possibly even more extensive storm damage. The degree of... read more

Commercial Snow Plowing for Crystal Lake Businesses!

Don’t worry, we have you covered! We have several trucks and plows, salt spreaders and a hardworking crew to get your lot and walks ready for you and your customers. Contact us today to receive your free commercial snow plowing estimate. Whether you want a per... read more

Residential Snow Plowing Company in Crystal Lake, IL

Yes, we can feel it in the air- we are feeling the 40s and a dusting of snow is in the forecast for today; Crystal Lake residents, are you ready?!?! Now is the time to prep for snow and get your service set, don’t delay, call Two Amigos Landscaping, Inc to... read more

All About Aeration: What? When? Why?

What is aeration? Aeration is the process of pulling plugs from your lawn in order for it to be able to better absorb water and nutrients. When should I aerate? It is ideal to aerate your lawn once a year as part of your maintenance plan; some yards may benefit from... read more

Fall Cleanup Time!

What is a fall cleanup when it comes to your landscape? Although our fall cleanup routine can be customized to best fit our clients’ needs, our typical cleanup consists of picking up all debris including leaves and branches found on the lawn and garden beds. We... read more

Need outdoor privacy? Think landscaping!

Love Your Outdoor Living Space?… Enjoy It PRIVATELY! Enjoy your backyard without being monitored by your neighbors; you may get along, but we all need some privacy. Have a nice family bbq, spend time with the kids, kickback and have a chat with friends, or enjoy... read more